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Davey Pumps has announced a new LEAN training initiative with Distinctive Solutions

Prior to commencement participants in the course were interviewed one on one to give them an opportunity to highlight some of the issues they face on a daily basis in their job, and what they hoped to achieve from the training session.  Overall, employees were very positive about the chance to make improvements to the workplace and accepting of the training to seeing what Distinctive Solutions can deliver.
The first session was launched on Tuesday 16th august.  Participants were set the challenge to take an abandoned paper book factory and turn it around to make a profit.
Things didn’t start too well, with every team making a loss due to excessive waste in the process – Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Not utilising talent, Transport, Inventory, Motion and Excessive Processing (DOWNTIME). But, over time, things improved dramatically with each team turning their company’s fortunes around. This was achieved by looking at issues such as flow, constraints and bottleneck, communication and improved processes.
Most teams also delivered a new special order of books within the allocated time. Great job!
For the second session we will do Value Stream Mapping, so watch this space for more waste and ideas to reduce it. This time within the real Davey workplace, not a simulated book factory!

Its the people that make Davey great, here’s Andrews story

Both my parents worked at Davey, my mum was a purchasing officer and my dad was a design engineer. Mum and Dad met at Davey and had their first date on a company golf day which then blossomed into a long lasting relationship. Both Mum and Dad continued working at Davey while their personal life journeyed toward marriage and a family.  Mum decided to leave Davey after 9 years to be a stay at home mother before the birth of their first child, (not me, I arrived a few years later). Dad remained at Davey full time for 46 years, then moved into a part time position on a casual basis for a further 4 years until he decided to retire. After working for an injection moulding company as a toolmaker and then in a general engineering company, I decided to leave and venture into a more rewarding career for me. An opportunity arrived at Davey and because of my family’s history there I jumped at the chance to join the company alongside my father. My first 3 months at Davey I worked on the Interpump line until a position opened up in the Quality department as a quality inspector. Only having planned to work at Davey for a short time as I wasn’t sure if this was the career I wanted, I quickly stopped searching for outside opportunities after a few months. The working environment and quality of product at Davey is too good to leave …. and now 15 years of employment with no intention to move on.
Davey treats their employees well and there are a lot of great relationships between staff and many are long serving employees.

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