Concepts Of Mistake Proofing A Process

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Sometimes known as baka-yoke/poka-yoke, a manufacturing technique of preventing mistakes by designing the manufacturing process, equipment, tools and components/subassemblies etc so that an operation literally cannot be performed incorrectly. An attempt to perform incorrectly, as well as being prevented, is usually met with a warning signal of some sort.

In a typical scenario a person needs to analyse the process that a team is responsible for and determine methods of mistake proofing it (i.e. ensuring it only produces product within an, acceptable range). After improvement activities have been undertaken these improvements need to be sustained.

This course requires the application of skills associated information gathering and analysis. Initiative, enterprise and problem solving are also required to identify mistakes and determine strategies for eliminating them. This course also requires communication and team building skills to ensure mistake proofing strategies are implemented, and self management and learning skills to continually reflect on and integrate feedback about the effectiveness of strategies.

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