Workplace Training Benefits

There are three key benefits from workplace training

  1. More accountable employees – staff can meet expectations when they know what they are
  2. Better engaged employees – your people want to be given an opportunity to make a difference
  3. Increased profits – through better productivity, reduced waste and improved performance

Workplace Training Options

Competitive Solutions can customise training to meet a defined need. We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ model because each workplace is unique and has its own unique challenges. We have a suite of delivery options for employers

Choosing the right training provider

Many businesses choose to enter training arrangements with external providers without really thinking through what they are doing. Of course, we understand that our people are our greatest asset and investing in them is the right thing to do.

So, when an offer of free (government subsidised) training comes along it seems like a low-risk proposition. We’re not paying for it so anything we get out of it is a bonus, right?

Here are three things to consider before you engage in training with an external provider.

Sounds obvious, right? We want better trained employees. But how will training help?Many businesses enter training off the back of a cold call from a training provider. Often these cold calls promote ‘free training’ – a reference to the government subsidies available to support training initiatives

Businesses can fall into the trap of seeing a ‘free’ or low-cost training initiative as low risk and worth a try. But they are setting themselves up for failure for a simple yet obvious reason. They have forgotten to ask themselves ‘what are we hoping to achieve’. There are only three things a training program can achieve

  1. Add new skills/behaviours
  2. Remove behaviours that are present but unproductive
  3. Reinforce existing behaviours

Ask yourself what you want from a program

Only when you have a clear understanding of the outcomes you are seeking will you be able to answer this one
Ask a training provider how they measure their results, and you’ll find a lot of blank faces staring back at you. Of course, it can be hard to measure intangibles, but a good training provider should at least have some form of tool to measure the results.

Government Funded Opportunities

Both state and federal governments offer financial incentives for employers who enrol their people in accredited training.

Competitive Solutions can assist you to identify relevant funding streams and help you manage the process

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