Facilitate And Apply A Just In Time (JIT) System

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Just in time (JIT) is a production scheduling concept that calls for any item needed at a production operation – whether raw material, finished item, or anything in between, to be produced and available precisely when needed, neither a moment earlier nor a moment later.

In a typical scenario, the person will need to monitor the operation of the JIT system and facilitate its working. This will involve liaison with stakeholders as well as examining the data generated. They will need to be alert to potential problems and areas for improvement.

This course requires the application of skills associated with gathering, analysing and communicating information to facilitate implementation of the JIT system. It requires planning and organising skills and has a strong emphasis on communication and teamwork skills to ensure the JIT system is being effectively implemented. This course also requires an ability to problem solve and take the initiative to consider performance issues and learn from experience to improve future performance.

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