PMA30120 Certificate III In Process Plant Operations

PMA40116 Certificate IV In Process Plant Technology

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Competitive Solutions delivers customisable work based training programs in process and production.

Our training programs will:

  • upskill your workforce in manufacturing plant operation and technology
  • create ideas and projects to drive improvements in your production process
  • enable participants to gain a qualification in process plant operations or process plant technology

Training Delivery

We deliver training through an action-based learning methodology that is unique to our program.

We use gamification (designing simulation activities to be more like games), work-based projects and one-on-one coaching with skilled facilitators to engage with people and transfer knowledge.

We believe it is the practical application of new knowledge that makes the difference.

Steps in the process

  • Interview all participants to determine existing attitudes, skill level and understanding of process and production concepts
  • Establish skills gaps and business training needs
  • Develop a customised training plan for participants
    • Strategy meeting – we report our findings at a meeting with management to agree on training focus and skill sets to be delivered with KPIs to measure training effectiveness.
  • Delivery of training to meet outcomes agreed at strategy meeting
  • Hands on learning activities to engage and stimulate learning
  • Develop a skills matrix to capture training delivered and ongoing training needs


  • Focus on improved processes to ensure sustainability
  • Further develop skills matrix and future road map to be handed over to the business


Our program can be customised for both technical and non-technical participants. While the core of the program remains the same, customisation occurs via a different training plans for each cohort and industry.

Accredited Qualifications

PMA30120 – Certificate III In Process Plant Operations

This qualification is for those working in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Process Plant Operator
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Supervisory Roles
  • Procurement

The qualification is suited to all skilled operations roles, usually those working in a multiskilled team. It may include the responsibility for coordinating the work of others.

PMA40116 – Certificate IV In Process Plant Technology

This qualification is for those who are employed in plant operation including:

  • Plant Managers
  • Advanced Process Plant Operators
  • Advanced Process Plant Technicians
  • Maintenance (with a trade qualification)
  • Specialist staff

This qualification develops specialised skills in process plant problem solving with this technical qualification.

Government funding for work-place programs

In many cases, the cost of training can be offset by accessing funding support from both state and federal sources.

Talk to us about how funding support can be applied to your workplace.

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